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Beta Club

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Launching 2024: Beta Club

Our Beta Club is designed with our customer's needs in mind. Part of our mission is to to build a lasting relationship through quality work at a fair price, in a time frame that works for you. Our uniquely designed Beta Club seeks to achieve this and more; we want to heal the often damaged relationship between tradesmen and clientele.

If you are tired of long waits, lack of transparency, and not understanding the why behind the issues in your home, Beta Club is for you.

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Through our exclusive Beta Program, you will receive a dedicated phone line to reach us through, priority scheduling, exclusive access to safety inspections and other services, a customized road map to your personal electrical bliss, and more!

Due to the time and dedication required to be able to offer this to our customer base, this is not a program we are able to offer to everyone. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us.

More info please!

Or schedule for a video chat with Mrs. Voity

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